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Holiday Party Platters Now Available

Holiday Party Platters Now Available

          The holiday season is a hectic time. Skewed work schedules, chaotic family gatherings, and intense holiday shopping consume your time. Next thing you know, the holiday parties are here. Instead of scrambling around your kitchen for a last-minute food dish, let us save you the time and the hassle!

Catanese Classics is happy to introduce our new Classic Party Platters. These assortments are chef-inspired pairings that are ready for any holiday or social gathering. Choose from a variety of different seafood and charcuterie trays that will sure spruce up the buffet table.

Trays will be available for order starting November 19th. Please allow 2 to a 3-day lead time for completion on your assortments. Call ahead, the order in store, or order online for your convenience.

Platter sizes: 20 people,40 people

Tray options include:

  • Snow Crab Cluster Tray
  • Shrimp Cocktail Tray
  • Smoked Salmon Tray
  • Pokè Tray
  • Smoked Fish (Trout, Mackerel, etc.) Tray
  • Charcuterie Boards (TBD)

**Customization of platters may be available upon request**  

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