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Genuine Redfish

Genuine Redfish

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1 lb. Hand Cut Genuine Redfish Fillet

Native to the Atlantic Coast, northern South America and the Gulf of Mexico, Red Drum are known as the best tasting drum species which almost led to its downfall. Overfishing in the past led to closures of most US fisheries, so today most available redfish are farmed.

In marine pens just offshore of Mauritius (Indian Ocean), the fish grow out in spacious conditions with low stocking densities. Divers inspect the nets daily to maintain net integrity and monitor stock health, while maintaining the highest animal welfare standards and preservation of the environment.

Its white flesh is delicate enough to fry and firm enough to grill, and is well suited for raw dishes. Its mild flavor makes it a perfect option for strong flavors and bold spices.

Product Of: Mauritius Island
Catch Method: Farmed
Sustainability: Not Rated


*While we try to be as accurate as possible, please note that our portion sizes may vary slightly. Prices shown for caught weight items are estimated and are subject to change.*

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