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Scallops, U/10 Dry

Scallops, U/10 Dry
Scallops, U/10 Dry
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Scallops, U/10 Dry

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U/10 Atlantic Sea Scallops are packed in 1 lb. increments.

Sea scallops mainly come from from St. George’s bank which is about 100 miles off the shores of Boston, New Bedford and Nantucket where the fishery is highly regulated in order to allow the scallops to grow and reproduce. The meat looks nearly translucent, with a delicate texture and is sweet in flavor with a mild to salty taste of the sea.

Because these Sea Scallops are “dry,” they won’t exude water when cooking them which means that they are perfect for searing in a hot pan until nicely caramelized on both sides. You may also bake or broil them, as well as grill them on skewers.

Product of: USA and Canada
Catch Method: Trawl
Sustainability: Best Choice


*While we try to be as accurate as possible, please note that the lobster sizes may vary slightly. Prices shown for caught weight items are estimated and are subject to change.*

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